Tuesday, August 29

3:00PM - 4:00PM Eastern (12:00 PM-1:00 PM Pacific)

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the use of cash as a means of payment is rapidly dwindling. Consumers increasingly rely on digital payment methods for convenience, security, and efficiency. Yet, there remains a common misconception among contractors that cash transactions are vital.

In this month’s Matt Chatts web show, we welcome Scott Carreiro to discuss the shifting landscape of payments. We explore the question: “Is cash still relevant?” and examine the reasons driving this shift and how contractors can leverage digital payments to overcome obstacles and foster business growth.

During this episode, you’ll gain valuable takeaways that will revolutionize your approach to payments and business growth. Highlights include:

  • Understanding Changing Consumer Habits: Explore the declining use of cash in consumer transactions and understand the motivations behind this shift. Learn why embracing digital payment methods is essential to staying competitive.
  • Benefits of Digital Payments: Discover the advantages that digital payments bring to contracting businesses, including increased convenience for customers, enhanced security, and streamlined financial management.
  • Overcoming Contractor Concerns: Address common misconceptions that lead contractors to favor cash payments. Learn how to overcome these concerns and embrace digital payments to better serve your customers.
  • Driving Business Growth: Explore how adopting digital payment methods can facilitate customer acquisition and retention, thereby fostering business growth and expanding your customer base.

By implementing the strategies shared in this episode, you’ll be better equipped to embrace the digital payment revolution and position your contracting business for sustained success in a cashless world. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to transform your business and embrace the future of payments – click the button on this page to register for the August 29th Matt Chatts web show today!

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Matthew Bratsis

Vice President, Contractor Services

As Vice President of Contractor Services, Matthew is responsible for all lending and finance operations within OPTIMUS Financing. He works directly with lending partners and affiliates developing and creating the most up-to-date finance offerings for EGIA’s vast contractor base. In addition, Matthew leads EGIA’s business development strategy, as well as the design and implementation of finance training content.

Matthew has been an integral part of the home improvement finance industry for over 20 years, with stops at American General Finance, Greensky and Renovate America. Matthew attended Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating with a degree in Psychology.

Scott Carreiro

Scott Carreiro has been a successful leader in the HVAC industry for over 35 years, with 30+ years in HVAC wholesale. His experience expands across the industry, with stops along the way as Sales manager with Carrier, Regional Manager with Slakey Brothers and Vice President of Amana Heating and Cooling. He currently is very successful Business Development manager with Goodman. His strong technical background, with specialization in residential AOP, RNC and Commercial HVAC, has led him to hold board member positions with ACCA, ICP, Watsco and the Distributor Advisory Council for Carrier. He’s also generally well known as an all- around good guy. Just ask him.