Don’t Get Spooked by Financing Dealer Fees

Tuesday, October 24

3:00PM - 4:00PM Eastern (12:00 PM-1:00 PM Pacific)

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As a business owner, understanding the intricacies of consumer financing and dealer fees is crucial for maximizing profits and providing exceptional customer service. Dealer fees and expenses associated with payment options can seem intimidating, but their impact on your bottom line can be significant.

In this eye-opening episode of Matt Chatts, we welcome Zac Schroeder, Senior Account Director at Service First Processing, to delve deep into the truth about dealer fees, unmasking their importance, and exploring how strategically embracing consumer financing can lead to substantial profits for your business.

During this one-hour live webcast, you’ll gain essential insights that will transform your approach to consumer financing and dealer fees, leading to increased profitability and improved customer satisfaction. Key highlights include:

  • Understanding Dealer Fees: Uncover the various types of dealer fees and how they can affect your business’s financial health. Gain insights into identifying which fees are essential for offering payment options to customers and which ones can be optimized or minimized.
  • Strategies for Profit Maximization: Learn practical strategies to leverage consumer financing to increase your business’s revenue potential. Discover how offering financing options can attract more customers and lead to larger transactions.
  • Providing Value to Customers: Understand how transparent communication about dealer fees can enhance your customers’ trust and perception of your business. Learn how to present these fees as part of a valuable service rather than a hidden cost.
  • Navigating Payment Solutions: Gain expertise in selecting the right payment solutions that align with your business goals. Explore how different payment options can impact customer conversion rates and loyalty.

By embracing consumer financing and gaining a comprehensive understanding of dealer fees, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions that will drive your business’s success. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to elevate your business – click the button to register for the October 24th web show today.

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Matthew Bratsis

Vice President, Contractor Services

As Vice President of Contractor Services, Matthew is responsible for all lending and finance operations within OPTIMUS Financing. He works directly with lending partners and affiliates developing and creating the most up-to-date finance offerings for EGIA’s vast contractor base. In addition, Matthew leads EGIA’s business development strategy, as well as the design and implementation of finance training content.

Matthew has been an integral part of the home improvement finance industry for over 20 years, with stops at American General Finance, Greensky and Renovate America. Matthew attended Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating with a degree in Psychology.

Zac Schroeder

Zac Schroeder is a Senior Account Director at Service First Processing, and he specializes in credit card processing for the HVAC industry. With five years of experience, he excels in creating smooth payment solutions for HVAC businesses. Zac’s commitment to customer satisfaction and industry expertise makes him a trusted consultant in electronic payments. With his client-focused approach, he ensures HVAC businesses receive top-notch merchant services, leading to increased profitability and lasting success.

Drew Cameron

President, Flow Odyssey and Energy Design Systems, LLC

Drew Cameron is America’s Most Sought-After Sales & Marketing Strategy and Success Advisor to Home Services Contractors and president of both FLOW Odyssey (formerly HVAC Sellutions) and Energy Design Systems, LLC: the premier industry alliance providing leading-edge technology along with complementary marketing and sales consultative support, recruiting, training, and coaching for performance and profit enhancement of Home Services Contractors. Drew is a renowned author, speaker, educator, coach, consultant, software developer, philanthropist, and an International Consultant Award Winner. Drew is also a president of the Cameron Family Memorial Foundation; a Board member, a Foundation Board Trustee, a Contractor University Founder & Faculty member, Resident Expert of Contractor Connect for Contractor University; a member of Black Belt Contracting (BBC).