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The All-in-One Financing & Leasing Platform Designed for Meier Supply Dealers

When it comes to financing, matching the right finance program for a diverse customer base can be burdensome. For that reason, EGIA developed OPTIMUS. Designed for every Home Improvement and HVAC contractor, from a single person shop to the largest mega dealers, OPTIMUS is the platform to help you become more profitable.

OPTIMUS uses Soft Pull technology to quickly help a customer get to the right lending or leasing products. This will virtually eliminate the need for multiple applications and multiple credit pulls for customers, all the while delivering 90% approval rates for your business. All in just seconds.

OPTIMUS eliminates the “NO” and gets you to a “YES” quickly and seamlessly.

Most importantly, OPTIMUS, with its state-of-the-art Soft Pull technology, will help CLOSE MORE JOBS!

OPTIMUS connects contractors with multiple lending tiers and financing programs with one simple application.

We provide the highest approval average in the comfort industry (over 90%), utilizing our soft credit pull technology.

OPTIMUS contractors can leverage our exclusive partnerships. We leverage a huge network of contractors and industry partners, resulting in a strong negotiating power of $650M in volume a year for best-in-class pricing and sales solutions, exclusive to OPTIMUS contractors.

We speak for you.

OPTIMUS extends complimentary access to sales modules provided by the industry’s most comprehensive online training platform, Contractor University. This includes over 200 in-homes sales training videos available on-demand. Our team delivers the tools and processes equipped to grow your business through financing.

OPTIMUS offers unparalleled support.

All of the programs are delivered directly to you in one seamless integrated platform: OPTIMUS

OPTIMUS, the exclusive finance platform from EGIA Finance, leads the industry in consumer finance and lease-to-own connectivity with one-on-one support. We provide in-depth contractor finance training, a finance call center for program related questions, and on-going sales consultations at no cost to you.

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The OPTIMUS Prime Program is designed to deliver over 70+% approval rates while offering the best promotional programs and terms. This program offers “No Payment”, “No Interest”, or “Low Interest” solutions that customers prefer. This program also has reduced interest rates, as well as, terms that go to 15 years.

Near Prime

OPTIMUS offers a fully-integrated near prime, second look product originated and serviced for customers who do not meet the credit requirements of our primary lenders. The program can accommodate FICO scores to 580, while still offering Same-As-Cash loans, Reduced interest Loans and even Traditional Installment Loans. Our exclusive EGIA pricing is absolutely the best in the HVAC industry.


The OPTIMUS lease option is designed to approve customers with challenged credit. This option makes paying for an HVAC installation more affordable for the budget conscious with no risk for the contractor. Our industry leading program maintains ownership of the leased HVAC equipment until fully paid by the customer.


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