Are You Meeting the Demands of Today’s HVAC Customer
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Author: Tracy Martin, Director of Dealer Development for Aeroseal | March 6th, 2024

Are You Meeting the Demands of Today’s HVAC Customer

Over the past few years, customer expectations have increased – today’s customers want more! Aeroseal and Financing are partnering up to meet those demands, head-on!

Convenience is King

Consumers are beginning to value time over money; they want the buying experience to be simple, quick, and seamless. Because of this, contractors must provide the convenience of payment options like financing. Aeroseal is thrilled to offer OPTIMUS Financing to its dealer partners and their customers. Often, financing serves as the route that transforms a potential "no customer" into a "yes customer" – there are instances where they are ready to agree but lack the means to do so.

Transparency is Vital

Customers seek transparency because they hope to make quick decisions and they need reasons to trust contractors. Publish information related to pricing when possible. For example, “We charge a $99 service fee and we guarantee Red Carpet Experience”. Another way to offer transparency is to genuinely commit to informing and educating your customers so they can make their own decisions.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Are Important

According to Harvard Business Review, younger consumers trust companies that demonstrate a “positive intent.” Gen Z and Millennials, who will soon have the greatest purchasing power in the U.S., say that when they believe a brand cares about its impact on people and the planet, they are 27% more likely to buy from that company. Aeroseal offers a patented duct sealing technology that is designed to help homeowners live more comfortably, breathe healthier air and consume energy more efficiently.

Instant Gratification is Essential

Humans have always been programmed with an innate desire for instant gratification and in the age of the Internet, this truth has become even more strongly rooted in our DNA. Does your company offer products and services that can produce instant results? Contractors who offer Aeroseal can deliver instant results that are dramatically noticeable and can also be verified. Within a few hours, an existing home’s ductwork can be sealed from the inside, without tearing into walls or floors. Once the seal is complete, the improvement in airflow is easily observed as soon as the HVAC system runs a cycle.

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With 20+ years of industry experience, Tracy Martin has a true passion for helping business owners create effective and winning strategies to grow their business. She comes from a family of contractors, so she understands what it takes to make it! As the Director of Dealer Development for Aeroseal, she is 100% dedicated to supporting the dealer network through programs, marketing support sales training and business coaching.