FAQS - OPTIMUS Financing


Waterfall lending occurs when a customer is incorrectly matched with a bank that does not approve their lending request, and the customer is then directed to other lender. The negative customer experience is amplified by multiple waterfall tiers of lender rejection. OPTIMUS eliminates the awkward waterfall of rejections and uncomfortable denial conversations with your customer by utilizing soft credit pull technology to appropriately match a customer with an approving lender at the beginning of the application process.

OPTIMUS is EGIA's financing platform. With one application, OPTIMUS utilizes soft credit pull technology to match a customer with an approving lending partner. OPTIMUS eliminates "waterfall lending" by pre-approving a customer with this soft credit pull match. After the pre-approval, the customer continues their application with one hard credit pull with their matched lender in the OPTIMUS platform.

OPTIMUS is able to Pre-Approve customers by utilizing soft credit pull technology. OPTIMUS can pre-approve customers in two minutes in two different ways:

  1. In the customer's home or
  2. Before the technician arrives in the home.

Your local OPTIMUS representative would be happy to teach your team how to walk a customer through the pre-approval process in the customer's home. After your complementary enrollment in OPTIMUS, you will be provided a unique OPTIMUS link for customers to use on your website; Customers who use your custom OPTIMUS link will have a pre-approval before a technician arrives at the home.

To view a demo of the pre-approval process, please visit app.optimusfinancing.com today.

OPTIMUS provides a more efficient workflow for consumer financing approvals. By being connected to a soft credit pull platform (that matches a client with an approving lender), you will receive credit decisions faster an easier with higher approval ratings. This all-in-one finance platform provides a streamlined application process that greatly improves the customer experience and a financing management system that significantly improves your ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

OPTIMUS is currently only available within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Individual finance programs may have specific state restrictions. Check with your local OPTIMUS Financing Representative for further details at optimusfinancing.com/schedule-a-consultation or call 1-833-OPT1MUS (1-833-678-1687).

While OPTIMUS was designed initially with HVAC & Home Improvement dealers in mind, our pathway partners and platform can finance virtually any home Improvement project. There are some limitations, and it’s best to reach out to your OPTIMUS financing representative for additional details.

At this time, OPTIMUS has incorporated 3 Pathway Options:

  1. OPTIMUS Prime Pathway with GreenSky®, FTL®, and a Microf™ leasing alternative.
  2. OPTIMUS Revolving Credit Pathway with Wells Fargo, FTL®, and a Microf™ leasing alternative.
  3. OPTIMUS Advantage Leasing Pathway with Advantage Alliance and Microf™ - COMING SOON

Speak to an OPTIMUS Financing Representative at optimusfinancing.com/schedule-a-consultation, or call 1-833-OPT1MUS (1-833-678-1687) so we can set you up with the pathway that works best for your business.

Using the online enrollment system, log into the secure portal and create a unique username and password. You will then be guided through a paperless enrollment process and required to attach a voided check.

You will need to re-enroll in order to utilize OPTIMUS. Using the online enrollment system, log into the secure portal and create a unique username and password. You will then be guided through a paperless enrollment process and required to attach all necessary documentation, including licensing, insurance and to attach a voided check.

OPTIMUS is designed to deliver the simplest, easiest approvals by submitting information to each lender based on soft-pull criteria. This ensures the smoothest customer experience. However, there is no obligation to use every lender in the platform.

An OPTIMUS representative will work with you and your team to go over the options within your chosen OPTIMUS Pathway, to ensure that your finance plans maximize your profit. This is part of the ongoing training that EGIA offers for finance at no cost to you.

OPTIMUS is designed to be easy to implement and flexible. There are many changes you can already make yourself, including managing users and roles. These changes can be made directly on the OPTIMUS platform through administrative functions. Please contact your local OPTIMUS representative for further details.

OPTIMUS is not integrated with management software solutions at this time. In order to utilize the OPTIMUS program, you will need to submit OPTIMUS applications through OPTIMUS directly.

Our dealers get paid daily, through ACH. We’ve collected your banking information at the time of enrollment, and that is used to pay you directly.

1-833-OPT1MUS (1-833-678-1687) and Select the Option for OPTIMUS Application Technical Support.

Please contact 1-833-OPT1MUS (1-833-678-1687).

  • For Questions or Details regarding a specific Loan Application, please press 4.
  • For GreenSky loan applications, please press 1.
  • For Wells Fargo loan applications, please press 2.
  • For FTL loan applications, please press 3.
  • For Foundation Finance loan applications, please press 4.
  • For Advantage Alliance Program lease applications, please press 5.
  • For Microf lease applications, please press 6.

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, your local OPTIMUS representative should work directly with your team to ensure that the OPTIMUS application is on your website. Dealers who have financing available on their website do an average of 27% larger tickets and have 30% more sales.

Yes. Your local OPTIMUS representative will coordinate with your team to get all the marketing materials necessary to ensure your successful financing program.


Consumer financing doesn’t have to be confusing and overwhelming. Our mission is to help you find the right finance program to fit your business. Our experts will work directly with you to choose a lending pathway, learn marketing strategies, and incorporate sales processes that will help you generate more revenue.