Avery the Intern’s Exclusive Access to VP of OPTIMUS Financing
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Author: Avery the Intern | May 10th, 2024

Avery the Intern’s Exclusive Access to VP of OPTIMUS Financing

Hi, my name is Avery, I’m an 8th grader at Murray-Lasaine Montessori School in Charleston, SC. I recently spent time with the OPTIMUS team to learn about financing in the age of technology. Here’s what I discovered when I interviewed Matthew Bratsis, VP of OPTIMUS.

  • He’s been in this industry since before I was born
  • Financing has evolved from consumers without money looking to buy a major purchase, like a home or new HVAC system to more of an experience. Now consumers are using the ease of technology (think Amazon) to increase their buying power and leverage their cash.
  • OPTIMUS supports contractors with financing between $700-$800 MILLION a year, (that’s a lot to me!).
  • My greatest takeaway from my time with Mr. Bratsis is that his team, “makes it easier for people to buy things”.
  • I was also able to spend time with other members of the OPTIMUS team and I learned that it’s VERY IMPORTANT for contractors to offer financing to every single customer.
  • Thank you to the OPTIMUS team for allowing me to intern, I enjoyed the experience.

    Avery is an 8th grade Montessori student in Charleston, SC. He enjoys fishing and boating (and video games when Mom allows).