How Customers Engage With Your Brand
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | May 24th, 2024

How Customers Engage With Your Brand

Joining the Matt Chatts crew to discuss branding is Crystal Williams of Lemon Seed Marketing and Rene Lucas of LCS Heating & Cooling. The two, along with hosts Matthew Bratsis and Donna Decoster, discussed how cutomers engaged with your brand as a contracting business owner, and what you can do to get out ahead of when the customer journey begins.

"Branding is truly how you make people in your market feel," began Williams. "We experience brands all the time whether we want to or not. The whole point of branding is to infiltrate their mind and their daily experience. The customer journey starts well before the client actually needs your services.

Williams expanded on her point by saying that a company's branding efforts should be all-encompassing, from their web presence all the way down to how their uniforms look. She also told the story of a very negative brand experience she had with a contracting company when she was younger, that is part of her motivation for her business to this day.

"I remember when that van pulled up, I remember thinking like 'this is like a kidnapper van,'" she said.

Lucas then explained that when her company first started working with Lemon Seed, she didn't think they needed a full rebrand, but Williams pushed her to to explore rebranding.

"As we went through the process of rebranding and why we needed to rebrand, they really got me thinking about how it makes other people feel and what they think about when they see us," said Lucas.

"Nobody wants to admit that their baby is ugly," said Williams. "It's hard to get the emotion out of the way to look at how you can really elevate it."

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