How Third-Look HVAC Leasing Affects the Bottom Line
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Author: Andrew Kimball, Wholesale Manager at Microf LLC | April 20th, 2022

How Third-Look HVAC Leasing Affects the Bottom Line

No two homeowners are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes and have a range of financial flexibility when it comes time to replace an HVAC system. The biggest challenge sales consultants and technicians face is knowing whether the customer is prepared to make that purchase or not.

On average between 30-40% or homeowners will not qualify for a traditional financing option,and they likely fall into the more than 70% of homeowners that live paycheck to paycheck. When the average system cost is between $5000 to $7000 dollars, those homeowners need access to a monthly payment in order to make that purchase. So, what are contractors doing today when their customer cannot qualify for financing, pay out of pocket, or swipe a credit card? Simple – they walk away from the job without the sale.

Now how does that affect the bottom line? Third-look HVAC leasing offers eligible homeowners access to affordable monthly payments without the strict FICO and debt to income requirements that traditional lenders require. This translates to a higher closing ratio for sales team and leads to incremental sales for the business. If we are seeing the same numberof customers and closing more sales, then the company overhead goes down. Not only will the business grow its revenue, it will also provide solutions to more consumers and grow its market share.

The Microf program offered through the OPTIMUS Platform is the solution to the challenge that contractors face when trying to close more sales. More customers needs will bemet, creating a better buying experience for the HVAC system. At the same time,contractors will be selling more jobs and growing their bottom line.

Andrew Kimball is currently the Wholesale Manager at Microf LLC and has over 8 years in HVAC financing and leasing experience. In his previous roles at Microf, Andrew focused on growing the Microf contractor network through manufacturer and distributor networks. His experience working with contractors has helped their businesses grow incremental sales through the implementation of financing. He specializes in go-to-market strategy, product positioning, and overall business consultation.