How to Explain Financing for HVAC Customers
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | June 13th, 2024

Matt Chatts 'After the Show' | How to Explain Financing for HVAC Customers

After the latest Matt Chatts live episode, they answered some questions from the audience on the challenges contractors face when deciding how to explain financing for HVAC customers.

After the show, one contractor asked:

How do I explain to my customer why I can offer my most premium service for the same or lower cost than my least highest option?

Bratsis started by explaining that customers can often get better rates of financing on better systems and so if one desires, they can list their most premium option for the lowest rate, but that that isn't always the best way to offer them.

"Ultimately what you wanna do is position them so they all have the exact same cost," said Bratsis. "If you can make that monthly payment the exact same for all of them, then all of the sudden payment and cost are out the window, and then they are really truly buying the thing that they feel is gonnna be the best for their home.

Bratsis explained that because of the way financing deals are often structured, they can confuse a potential customer and sales reps need to be prepared to alleviate their concerns.

"Sometimes a consumer will say to you, 'well why is this 6.99% and this interest rate is 12.99%?'" explained Bratsis. "The reason is because it's being supported by the manufacturer and it's more energy efficient."

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