How to Implement Financing and New Policies in Your Business
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | May 1st, 2024

How to Implement Financing and New Policies in Your Business

Joining the Matt Chatts crew to discuss having a mindset geared towards growth is NYT bestselling author and sales expert Weldon Long and Jarod Smith of AJ Plumbing and Clog Busters. The two, along with hosts Matthew Bratsis and Donna Decoster, discuss how to implement financing and other new procedures into your company as well as create a culture of implementation, so that you can take as much as possible from industry conferences and seminars and put it back into your business.

Smith opened by saying that when he goes to large business conferences or seminars, too often he hears idealistic versions of what could be in his business that, while may be possible, aren't realistic for 99% of businesses.

"The reality is 1% of us are gonna come home and implement the policies and procedures," said Smith. Smith added that he sees a lot of his own competition not taking full advantage of these conferences or seminars because they fail to implement what they learned while in attendance.

According to Smith, when a company fails to implement its not completely the fault of the business owner because the real break down happens during hiring.

"You have to be willing to hire people that are better and smarter than you because those are the people that are going to write those policies," said Smith. "Because I'm not going to sit down and write a hundred different policies and make everything run smooth."

Long added to what Smith said by explaining some of his own philosophies around hiring, and making sure that you're bringing in people with a drive to succeed first and skills and knowledge second.

"Where do ou think my last three hires came from?" asked Long. "The car industry, because they understand sales, quotas and productivity, but they understand financing like nobodies' business."

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