Is It Better to Finance or Pay Cash?
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Author: Hannah Coptsias, Sales & Marketing Manager at Microf LLC | October 7th, 2022

Is It Better to Finance or Pay Cash?

You may be considering all your options when making a large purchase or when an unexpected expense occurs. When deciding between financing or paying cash, you may consider the benefits and drawbacks of both options. Cash purchases may seem like the way to save money, or be the way to avoid future debt, however when choosing this option, you are missing the potential benefits of buying now, paying later through financing. So before coming to that conclusion, let us look at a few of those benefits that financing offers.

  • You can spread out your payments over time
    1. This allows you to make your purchase without tying up all your funds at once or depleting your budget. Monthly payments can make those larger buys more manageable and may also be the only affordable way to buy.

  • It can help your credit
    1. Making on-time payments helps you develop a credit history that shows potential future lenders that they can depend on you with other loan opportunities.

  • You can invest your money elsewhere
    1. Financing will free up your money to put towards other avenues such as retirement savings, travel, and other investment avenues.

  • It can give you a more affordable way
    1. Most large expenses are unexpected, therefore not planned for leaving you in a tricky situation. Financing takes away that stress by eliminating up-front costs and placing you with a convenient monthly payment.

    Financing options give you comfort by offering an affordable monthly payment instead of paying the full price up front which gives you or your customer the better option.

    This is one more reason using your OPTIMUS Platform with the Microf option is the key to offering every customer a solution by giving you the ability to go beyond traditional financing. All in ONE place.

    You have immediate access to Microf and more through your OPTIMUS portal and is available 24/7.

    If you’re not an OPTIMUS dealer and would like to learn more and enroll in the industry’s fastest and most dependable consumer financing platform, click here now!

    For existing OPTIMUS platform contractors with any questions or training needs on how to offer Microf’s Lease-to-Own program, please contact Microf’s Account Manager Team at or give us a call at 855-498-8200.

    Hannah Coptsias is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Microf LLC and has over 7 years in HVAC financing and leasing experience. In her previous roles at Microf, Hannah has focused on developing the current Microf Contractor base, alongside growing the contractor network through the implementation of financing. Hannah’s experience has been key in giving her the insight that has allowed her to excel in her current role by creating sales, management, and marketing strategies to support her team.