Matt Chatts Ep 3: Mining For Hidden Gems
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Matt Chatts
Author: CJ Todd, Marketing Manager at EGIA & OPTIMUS | March 16th, 2022

Matt Chatts Ep 3: Mining For Hidden Gems

When your HVAC customer says "Let me think about it" during an in-home sales call, what they're really saying is, "How am I going to pay for this?!" While financing gives contractors the ability to offer affordable monthly payments for HVAC systems, traditional lenders typically won't fund loans for customers with poor credit. OPTIMUS Financing solves this problem by working with multiple lenders who can provide financing for customers with ANY CREDIT SCORE.

On episode 3 of Matt Chatts, Scott Carreiro of Goodman joins us to discuss how OPTIMUS financing can help HVAC contractors of any size discover solutions for closing more deals and increase revenue with our streamlined financing platform.

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