Matt Chatts 'After the Show' | What To Do When A Customer Has No Credit History
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | July 5th, 2024

Matt Chatts 'After the Show' | What To Do When A Customer Has No Credit History

After the latest Matt Chatts live episode, they answered some questions from the audience on the challenges contractors face when deciding how to explain financing for HVAC customers, specifically about customers with no credit history.

After the show, one contractor said their biggest challenge right now is:

"Getting people financing with no credit history."

"Historically, most people walk away from people with either poor credit or no credit history," remarked Bratsis. "The great thing is, especially with OPTIMUS, we do offer subprime loans.

As the VP of a contractor financing platform, Bratsis shamelessly brought up the benefits of offering subprime financing to customers who have either no credit, or are struggling with low credit. Powered by Microf, Bratsis explained that OPTIMUS doesn't evaluate subprime customers based on their credit scores, and instead focuses on customers' ability to make the monthly payments.

"The basics of finance tell you that the single most important factor is 'do they have the ability to make a payment?'" said Bratsis.

However, said Bratsis, contractors serving subprime customers shouldn't expect to be selling them higher ticket systems, but OPTIMUS Financing allows sales representatives to sit with the customer and go through multiple different comfort solutions until they find a system they can both afford and they will be able to get approved for financing.

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