Wright Kimbro - OPTIMUS Financing

Wright Kimbro

Business Development Manager

For the past decade Wright has worked first hand with manufacturers, distributors and contractors mostly centered in the HVAC industry. Starting as a Territory Manager with Microf, then as a Regional Manager with Foundation Finance and Service 1st Financial, Wright has worked with and trained in the Prime, Near Prime and Sub-prime financing arenas. Coming on board as part of EGIA’s OPTIMUS Financing Platform, Wright most enjoys the quickness and ease of reaching every possible financing option with one simple application. “What better way to get an approval for almost every customer, than by tapping into prime, near-prime and sub-prime lenders all at once”. While an avid college tennis and poker fan, Wright most enjoys discussions around College Football and his wife and 5 kids.

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm EST