Matt Chatts 'After the Show' | Why You Pay Dealer Fees
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | June 3rd, 2024

Matt Chatts 'After the Show' | Why You Pay Dealer Fees

After the latest Matt Chatts live episode, they answered some questions from the audience on the dealer fees contractors often have to pay in order to provide a financing option to their customers.

After the show, one contractor asked:

How do I deal with high dealer fees and only having 0% financing for so long?

Bratsis explained that a lot of contractors who complain about dealer fees are actually missing some important context around them. "Just like mortgage fees, dealer fees dropped so low that we have recency bias," he said. "They're were they should have been the entire time. It was artificially dropped during the pandemic."

Regardless of the amount of the fee, Bratsis continued on, saying that the fee itself is what allows contractors to offer the customer a better buying experience.

"When gas prices go up, do people stop driving?" asked Bratsis. "They complain about it, but they don't stop driving."

Explaining that the same should go for financing dealer fees, Bratsis said that while a contractor may have to pay a fee as high as 15%, they are still gaining anywhere from 20% to 30% more sales because of their ability to offer financing.

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