Matt Chatts 'After the Show' | How to Get Your Techs to Explain Financing
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | June 21st, 2024

Matt Chatts 'After the Show' | How to Get Your Techs to Explain Financing

After the latest Matt Chatts live episode, they answered some questions from the audience on the challenges contractors face when deciding how to explain financing for HVAC customers.

After the show, one contractor asked:

How do I get my HVAC techs to explain financing to my customers in simple, easy-to-understand terms?

"Technicians are not salespeople," said Bratsis. "So they get scared, I get it. This is why I always say that finance is the 'f-word.'"

Bratsis explained that when customers hear the word 'financing,' they typically become nervous and confused. And unless they are made comfortable with the idea of financing, their predisposed nervousness and confusion will lead to a breakdown of the sales process and an eventual no-sale.

Instead, argued Bratsis, technicians need to be made to understand that financing is a part of the purchase experience. "Get with your techs, and work with them and get them comfortable talking about the purchase experience," said Bratsis.

Bratsis clarified further by saying that in a typical sale, a technician rarely needs to have a sophisticated understanding of financing or all the different lenders in the market. All they really need to know is that financing is a payment option that your company provides customers, and that that option is often a good fit for the customer.

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