EGIA Foundation HVAC Scholarship Now Accepting Applications
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Author: CJ Todd | November 15th, 2021

The EGIA Foundation is Now Accepting Applications for Its 2022 HVAC Scholarship

The EGIA Foundation is now accepting applications for this year's HVAC Scholarship!

High school seniors and recent graduates can now apply for the EGIA Foundation's 20 available scholarships of $2,500 apiece to pursue a career in HVAC at a trade school, junior college, or an accredited program for the 2022-2023 academic year. As in years past, the 2022-2023 class will be selected based on financial need, career aspirations and academic merit, continuing to ensure financial hurdles are not a barrier to entry for more dedicated young people to enter the industry.

Since its inception in 2018, the EGIA Foundation HVAC Scholarship program has fundeded 53 scholarships in 25 states totaling over $132,500. The EGIA Foundation aims to fill the employment gap in the HVAC industry with more and more women and people of color, as it also attempts to reshape the stigma surrounding the trades by empowering students choose HVAC as their first-choice career path.

The EGIA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to expanding the benefits the public receives from the home services industry through education, research and the development of the next generation of qualified workers.

STUDENTS & PARENTS: Learn More About the HVAC Scholarship and Apply!

A career in HVAC offers an exciting, people-focused job that requires a short school education with virtually no student loan debt. You'll have access to one of the highest-paying starting salaries, a direct path to owning your own business, and no sitting at a desk! Best of all, you'll have a real impact in your community and help customers choose energy-efficient products that will make our world cleaner and healthier. Click the buttons below to apply for the HVAC Scholarship, meet past winners, and explore your future in HVAC.

EVERYONE: Share the EGIA Foundation HVAC Scholarship with your network!

Do you know any high school seniors or recent graduates who are looking to start a career in HVAC? Tell them that by filling out a quick online application, they could be one of the 20 individuals to receive a $ 2500 scholarship from the EGIA Foundation! Click the buttons below to share this opportunity on social media and email!