The Most Common Objection Right Now
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Author: Thomas Christian | October 26th, 2023

The Most Common Objection Right Now

Handling common objections can be the key to giving your customer the satisfaction with your service they didn’t know they needed. On the most recent episode of Matt Chatts, Matt Bratsis, joined by sales expert Weldon Long and Jared Ledford, Director of Operations at Dayton Barns & All Steel Buildings, pondered which objections are the most common.

“These days it's the price objection, because smart contractors have had to raise their prices given the SEER2 equipment pricing and inflation," said Long, who went on to explain that smart contractors may be hurting by charging a fair price because other contractors aren’t as up to date with their pricing.

“Uneducated contractors aren’t even raising prices. So what might normally be a $2000 or $3000 job price difference could easily be $4000 or $5000 now,” he said.

Ledford agreed with the sentiment, giving his own insight working specifically with metal buildings and barns.

“I’m in full agreement with Weldon, although I do think it depends on exactly what you’re doing as a contractor,”said Ledford. “But the one that I hear specifically relating to metal buildings is ‘the price is too high’ for sure.”

Long continued to explain that actually, an objection over price is the easiest objection overcome, given the right training.

Show host Matt Bratsis also agreed with Ledford and Long, although with some pushback. “You still get people saying ‘I need a second opinion’ or ‘I have to think about it’” said Bratsis. “But really, you could make the case that those objections mean that they can’t afford it or aren’t sure how they’re going to pay for it.

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