The New Flat Rate Integrates EGIA's OPTIMUS Contractor Financing
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Author: CJ Todd, Marketing Manager at EGIA & OPTIMUS | February 15th, 2024

The New Flat Rate Integrates EGIA's OPTIMUS Contractor Financing

For contractors in the home service industry, providing a detailed pricing model and accessible financing options is crucial for business growth and customer satisfaction. Recognizing this, The New Flat Rate, a leading pricing software for home service contractors, has partnered with OPTIMUS Financing, an all-in-one financing platform, to create a seamless contractor financing solution to help business owners improve the customer experience and expand revenue opportunities.

Intuitive Integration for Contractors

This integration eliminates the hurdles of the traditional financing process by providing immediate financing approvals directly through The New Flat Rate’s software. The collaboration simplifies the sales journey for contractors, enabling them to offer a variety of financing options without the need for external systems or extensive paperwork.

Customer-Focused Financing Solutions

The partnership with OPTIMUS Conractor Financing ensures that a wide range of customers can find suitable financing programs through a quick and non-invasive soft pull technology. This innovation is designed to respect customers' time and credit profiles while offering them the funds needed for their home improvement projects.

Benefits for the Home Improvement Industry

The integration brings a streamlined approach to home improvement financing. Contractors can now offer instant finance approvals, which can help close deals faster and improve the overall customer experience. This is a significant step forward for the industry, as it allows contractors to focus on their service offerings while also ensuring customers have access to the necessary funds to carry out their home renovations.

For more information, read the full press release here.