The Strengths of Women in Leadership
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | April 3rd, 2024

The Strengths of Women in Leadership

Joining the Matt Chatts crew to discuss successful women in HVAC, Kathy Robideau of Kathy Robideau of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Tracy Martin of Aeroseal and Courtney Meier of Temperature Pro San Antonio explained the qualities they saw most commonly in successful women leaders and entrepreneurs.

"What separates men from women in terms of leadership is women are very collaborative," said Meier. "It's not about our ego, right? If you've got a better idea than me, I'm okay with that, that's fantastic."

Meier continued to say that in general, womena are better at fostering a healthy team culture than men. "It's really about building up your team to be successful without you, and to not let your ego get in the way that you're not needed as much."

The panel agreed that women were better at creating a workplace environment that supported workers and not egos, and that this helps to remove the power imbalance between lower-level employees and management.

When asked what the best part of this leadership style is, Meier said, "empowering your team through servitude and letting them blossom and flower and be awesome by themselves."

Robideau jumped in and stated that, while of course employees aren't necessarily going to be leaders or superstars, they can still find purpose and meaning in their work as long as they are being given an opportunity to empower themselves.

Martin also commented, saying "when women rise to a position of power and they have the opportunity to lead, they are excited about having the power to affect change."

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