How Do You Build Culture in Your Team?
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Author: | March 21st, 2024

How Do You Build Culture in Your Team?

Donata Hammonds of P1 Service Group joined the Matt Chatts crew to discuss best practices of creating a company culture.

A positive internal company culture is the backbone of a great workplace. The way that coworkers interact with each other, postitively or negatively, affects many areas of a business, including performance and retention rate.

Hammonds started by saying that colleagues having either jokes between each other or things in common to talk about are important for building chemistry in a team. "I think that those are very different than the outward messaging," said Hammonds.

"Of course, how you interact as a team, the morals that you hold, the ethics that you hold internally have to have alignment," stated Hammonds. "It might not be something that you broadcast, but this is what makes the culture of your company unique and interesting."

Hammonds continued by saying that having a sense of camaraderie amongst a working team is important because it's what ties employees to the company.

"It creates a fear of loss. They don't want to lose that. If they know there's something unique and special about your company, and they are apart of that, and they haven't seen that anywhere else, they are going to protect that," said Hammonds.

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