Elements of a Successful Company Culture
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | February 28th, 2024

Elements of a Successful Company Culture

Donata Hammonds of P1 Service Group joined the Matt Chatts crew to discuss best practices of creating a company culture.

When asked about the best tool to create a successful culture out of the selected answers on a poll question, Hammonds said, "These are all good answers, but what I think is most important is having a clear message of what the culture is that you want."

Hammonds continued by saying that companies with clear messaging often attract the kind of employees that want to work for a company with that message, and that it will be easier to secure top talent with a clear understanding of company expectations and priorities.

Other participants and the rest of the panel on the call agreed, with 72% of respondents choosing the same answer as Hammond.

The crew then dove in to the most important elements of a successful employee within a workplace culture, considering a range of factors from self-motivation to always agreeing with middle and upper management.

"For me it's having the right attitude and having a growth mindset," said Hammonds. "If people are thinking about growth, then they are going to drop the ego, be a self-starter and look for ways that they can grow within the company."

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