How Do You Define Culture?
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | March 2nd, 2024

How Do You Define Culture?

Donata Hammonds of P1 Service Group joined the Matt Chatts crew to discuss best practices of creating a company culture.

Matthew Bratsis asked Hammonds, "How do you define culture?"

Hammonds replied that culture is an all-encompassing entity, and is something that can be seen almost immediately when looking at how a business operates internally.

"It's the pulse of the business," said Hammonds. "It's the mindsets of the people, it's the teamwork, it's all of those things."

Hammonds also emphasized that culture is most heavily impacted by leadership from the top down, and not the other way around. "I always like to say 'either the fish stinks from the head down or it doesn't.'"

Especially in the trades, according to Hammonds, a company's culture is going to be heavily dependent on the small group of owners and managers that interact and set guidelines and policies for the rest of the employees.

"Specifically definining it, I think it needs to be written," said Hammonds. "I've been in hundreds of companies all across the country and I've seen lots of different types of cultures. When you have your core values and your mission statement written out ... then the messaging is clear."

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