Do You Really Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform?
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Author: | November 30th, 2023

Do You Really Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform?

Curating your business's social media platform feeds is a huge task, especially if you don't have any full-time staff dedicated to your online presence. Instead of trying to be everywhere at once, Colleen Keyworth of Online Access explains that its more important to custom tailor your efforts to each platform, and to stay away from platforms that will yield a smaller ROI.

On episode 24 of Matt Chatts, Matthew Bratsis asked Keyworth to debunk some common myths about business's online presence. The first question Bratsis asked was on whether or not business owners should try to be on every online platform all at once.

"False," said Keyworth after the question. "As far as a website, absolutely. But social media platforms vary."

After some friendly banter, Keyworth explained that Twitter and LinkedIn specifically have a lower ROI, with Twitter being the lowest. "LinkedIn circles well with commercial contractors, so it really depends on what your goal is," she said.

"It's a lot," continued Keyworth. "You can probably do more damage focusing your efforts on one account and really making it personal and putting in the time and the effort than having to spread yourself thin amongst all different types of channels. It really boils down to 'who is your target audience?'"

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