How SEO can Help your Online Profile
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Author: Thomas Christian | Digital Marketing Coordinator at EGIA & OPTIMUS | December 12th, 2023

How SEO can Help your Online Profile

How SEO can help small businesses make themselves more easily discoverable due to their ensuring search algorithms like Google can properly find your website and suggest it in search results for a potential customer. Similar to using a map on a roadtrip, if a landmark is on the map, more tourists are going to be able to include it in their itinerary.

On episode 24 of Matt Chatts, Matthew Bratsis asked Keyworth to debunk some common myths about business's online presence. He asked her whether or not its worth it for smaller businesses to focus on SEO, since it can be expensive to ensure that you are at the top of search results.

"SEO should be a basic component of any website you set up," began Keyworth. "Part of search engine optimization is just having a site that's able to be indexed by Google."

However, Keyworth explained, when it comes to competitive SEO and ranking above others in your market area, it helps to be the biggest fish in the pond. "Part of Google's ranking is the brand," said Keyworth. "It's a popularity contest."

Keyworth says that organic traffic to your website is one of the biggest indicators that your website is going to rank highly on Google search. Having frequent reviews, users searching you by name and coming to your website are all indicators that Google search will pick up on and suggest your site over others to its users.

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