How to Identify Good and Bad Candidates
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Author: | March 6th, 2024

How to Identify Good and Bad Candidates

Donata Hammonds of P1 Service Group joined the Matt Chatts crew to discuss best practices of creating a company culture.

When asked to talk about best practices during the hiring process, Hammonds stated that the actual job posting needs to be clear and concise, as a job posting also serves as a representation of your company.

"Sometimes it's easy to take an old ad that you've used or even to use AI to create an ad that you think is going to meet the requirements that you want," said Hammonds. "But it's not personalized, and I see this all the time where you have ten HVAC companies and they're all using the same advertisements and it doesn't say anything unique about the company."

Hammonds went on to say that there are numerous other ways that candidates will view a company's job listings, such as through their company website or on LinkedIn.

During the actual interview process, Hammonds says that often candidates are nervous, and so it isn't typically the best way to get a sense of their genuine personality. Instead, she just looks for more general indicators of interest and a positive work ethic, such as attitude.

"Asking specific questions so that you can see what their attitude is like, and then picking up on cues like how they speak, what they say, do they seem negative," said Hammonds. "But also asking questions like why did you leave your last position, why did you leave the one before and trying to see if there's any similar reasons why."

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